Home Evaluation for Mobility Issues

Home evaluation

Are you or a loved one having trouble getting around in the home? Have you noticed unsteadiness, weakness or lack of stability? Are you more likely to trip lately?

In addition to admitting patients from hospitals, HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Northern Virginia also admits patients from skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and from home.

Take the quiz

Here’s an easy way to decide. Answer the following questions as honestly as you can:

  • Can you stay home alone?
  • Have you fallen recently?
  • Do you tend to trip easily?
  • Has rehabilitation been prescribed for you in the past, maybe for a stroke, heart or breathing condition?
  • Have you had therapy in the past and noticed a decrease in the gains you once made?
  • Is walking or taking the stairs more difficult than it used to be?
  • Have you considered moving to an assisted living facility?

If you answered yes to two or more, it’s time to pick up the phone.

It all adds up to gaining and keeping your independence. Most of all, it’s about leading a full life.

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The hospital provides no-cost screenings for individuals who might benefit from rehabilitation. To schedule a screening, the individual, a family member or a healthcare professional should call the admission’s department at 703 957-2061.

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George Cochran
HealthSouth is a fantastic place. The staff is great, the meals are great.
Bill Cochran

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